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10th February 2008

9:43am: I don't read Facebook much any more, since I can only see it between certain limited hours at work. So congrats to those who have good news. Hugs go out to those who need them.

Currently the best way to contact me is either Facebook or e-mail.

21st January 2008

12:48pm: NPCs...
Hi all,

Are there two girls who are free for Session I (Sunday 4pm-7pm) for Arc who would like to play an NPC for my game?


If so, let me know!


10th January 2008

10:03am: Arcanacon - Per Ray Weben
Don't forget that if you're playing Per Ray Weben, you can sign up for a character now!

It's a once off game for Arcanacon in Session I (Sunday afternoon) - see:


2nd January 2008

12:35pm: Happy New Year!
Have a fantastic and happy 2008, everyone!

18th December 2007

12:51pm: Balance Scales?
Does anyone happen to have (or know where I can find cheap) balance scales?

Sort of in this style:

10th December 2007

7:08pm: Sewing?
Who in Melbourne can sew a costume? I have a design, I have material... but I need someone to do measurements and put it together for me. (The measurements in the design are wrong, I can tell you that now.)


30th November 2007

2:55pm: Heh
kunoichi_chan's LJ stalker is mousebane!
mousebane is stalking you because your LiveJournal is just SO damned interesting. They are also mentally deranged!

LiveJournal Username:

LJ Stalker Finder
From Go-Quiz.com

23rd November 2007

12:34pm: Per Ray Weben
Wow, I've already got 5 people playing it already! And it's only for 19 people!

It's a once off game in Session I:


These are the characters, for those who wish to express an interest in anyone in particular:

Meryra - High Priest of the Aten in the house of Aten at Akhetaten
Ramose - Chief of the Whole Cavalry of His Majesty
Iabka - Female Servant of the Goddess Hathor - emilyjane
Mahu - Overseer of the Medjay of Akhetaten
Tinro - Royal Wet Nurse - koulaklementou
Nebet - Female Overseer of the Royal House
Kiya - Great Favourite of the Lady of the Two Lands - teknohippi
Pentu - Chief of Physicians - dunkle
Parennefer - The King’s Cupbearer
Suty - Fan Bearer at the King’s Right Hand
Apy - True of Voice, Head of Administration - derigueur
Panhesy - Overseer of the Storehouse of the Aten
Peseshet - Lady Overseer of Lady Physicians
Mutef-Pa-Ra - Dwarf of Akhetaten
Sutau - Treasurer of the King
Nakhtpaaten - Overseer of the Works
Ptahmay - Servant of the God Shu - travisjhall
Tuy - Female Servant of the Goddess Tefnut - fel_kchan
Hotepy - An exotic itinerant dancer

19th November 2007

12:32pm: Moved!
No more am I in a skanky house due to lack of cleaning with a shower that leaks into my cupboard. Instead I'm in a house with girls who clean and no leaking shower, and paying a lot less money!

Thank you so much to my love morph_au, to travisjhall and to my sister. To the boys who helped doing most of the lifting and carrying and to travisjhall for driving and to my sister for helping carrying and organising the BBQ!

Just a few boxes to unpack and I'll be there... oh, and a bed frame to buy, hopefully with in-built drawers. Any idea where to get such a thing, anyone?

31st October 2007

8:12pm: Moving Out!!
Looks like I'll be moving in as we've found someone who needs a place!

And it looks like as it can't be this Saturday it'll be NEXT WEEKEND:

SAT NOV 10th!

(I don't want to delay people from going to the other party that night, for those invited. Sadly I can't move any other time for various reasons.)

Who wants to help me move, because my folks will be on holiday on that day...!??!


I'm sure drinks and snacks can be provided for my helpers...
7:56am: *laugh*

9th October 2007

1:38pm: Ancient Egyptian Costuming
For ancient Egyptian costuming inspiration for my Per Ray Weben game at Arc, have a look at the below sites.

Ancient Egyptian Outfit Sketches:

Simple Patterns:

Complex Patterns:
http://www.petrie.ucl.ac.uk/Textiles in the Petrie Museum.doc
(Please note that page 28 has a Simple Pattern for women.)

Costumes For Women:

Women's Belt with the Kalasiris dress:

Costumes For Men:

Men's Belt for the Kilt:

Skins For Priests:

Bead Collars:


Make-Up for Men and Women:

Modern Egyptian Make-Up Ideas:
12:35pm: Nymphaea caerulea?
Hey, does anyone know where one can get Nymphaea caerulea (blue water lily) from in Australia/Victoria/Melbourne?

8th October 2007

4:07pm: Arcanacon Blurb ... since all the cool kids are doing it!

Per Ray Weben

In the seventh year of the rule of the king in Akhetaten - life, prosperity and health to him! - before sunrise will go riding in a golden chariot, like the Aten when it rises and sheds over the land it's pleasant gifts, down the road that ends at 'The City of Delight of the Aten'. As the Aten rises, the royal family shall appear at the Window of Appearances to give thanks to the rising king-god, the Aten.

A proper and complete sacrifice will then be offered on that day in the Great Temple of the Aten, to the living god, who will receive the thanks of the love of the royal counterpart, the Pharaoh Akenaten and his beloved Queen Nefertiti. Thereupon the king will go up the River towards the mountain to the south-east of the city of Akhetaten at the place where the Aten rises each morning, to give thanks to his father, the god-king Aten.

Then the royal court is summoned to appear at the Royal Palace for the Coronation of Akenaten, over whom the sun-god shines. You are requested to attend the Coronation, beginning at midnight with a feast to celebrate the new Pharaoh and his family, may they live forever under the life-giving breath of the Aten, then the lavish ceremony at dawn.

May the beams of the Sun's disk shine over you in a pure life, so as to make your body young, every day.

Game System: Mage the Awakening-ish
Event type: Freeform
Adult Content: M
Characterisation: 5
Genre Knowledge: 2 (Background will be provided)
Rules Knowledge: 2 (A general overview of the old World of Darkness is a plus)
Seriousness: 3 (Ancient Egyptian style costuming is encouraged)

This is an old World of Darkness Mage game for 19 players, based in ancient Egypt, as per the challenge issued at Arc 2007!

For ancient Egyptian costuming inspiration, have a look here:

12:01pm: The Weekend
Friday night was the Caligo Mundi game, run by Sean. It was in a (slightly) different place, but we had fun. ^_^

Then I had a great time at my bride's Hen's Night on Saturday. Lots of Greek food, lots of drinks and karaoke! Yay! Only a short time until I have to be Maid of Honour...! O_o

Sunday was a much slower and sleepier day, though. But I did manage to catch a bit of the Oktoberfest with Sean across the road, and the apple schnapps there (korn apple?) was really, really yummy!!


4th October 2007

10:18am: Hen's Night Games?
Anyone know any good games for a hen's night, when out for dinner or at a (loud) cocktail venue or at karaoke? ^_^

3rd October 2007

2:59pm: Zzzz...
Picking up my folks from the airport for their 4.45am flight, dropping them home, looking at photos over a cup of tea, and going back home afterwards makes one very sleepy.

Having phone calls and SMSes while you are trying to have an afternoon nap doesn't help.

Despite going to bed at 10:30pm last night and sleeping through till just before my alarm, I'm still sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy today!

2hrs more hours to go until I finish work...

1st October 2007

10:22am: The Royal Melbourne Show
Boy, how has it changed. It's just so much smaller than it used to be, with all the old buildings gone bar one or two, and replacement buildings being smaller and less.


I wish the layout was the original one with the Main Arena with it's pearl stand, with the Dairy and Meat Pavillions, with the chemist and with the Commonwealth bank and KFC, with the old animal nursery, with the old buildings with random stalls on the left side of the map, with the tent buildings for random stalls on the centre ride of the map, and the old arts buildings, and the multiple showbag halls and stalls all over the show.

It's such a shame that there is so little at the show these days; there used to be so much more!

Anyway, I still had a lot of fun with Sean there. I think Sean had fun, too. He was so sweet in indulging me with the trip to the Show, even if it was his only day off in the week. He's a wonderful boyfriend and I love him very much. ^_^

The first ride of the day was the Taipan, a cute little rollercoaster and we got the $15 photo, just because it was a good shot of us. There was lots of food and wine to taste in the Grand Pavillion. There was a number of cool things in the Home, Living & Garden Pavillion. In the Poultry Pavillion had some huge ducks, turkeys and roosters and some cute little chicks. The Dog Pavillion had no dogs in it, and the Wonderful World of Pets were both empty, but they were quiet and restful places. The Animal Nursery was filled with cute little baby animals... aww! The Government building was rather dull, but that's generally always the case! The Fibre to Fashion building was rather interesting - the catwalk models were all tall twigs that were teens wearing outfits I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole - but some of the clothing at the stalls there were fantastic; I bought a beautiful, gorgeous purple, fitted hoodie jumper of alpaca wool - mmmmmmm... just lovely!! And lastly, even though it rained in the late afternoon, the enclosed ferris wheel was great as the lights were just starting to be turned on around about, and it was all very pretty if wet! And the best food of the day had to be the Redgum roast (beef or lamb) rolls, yum!!

I didn't come away with any showbags, but I did get the perfectly soft and lovely jumper and a few bottles of kiwi fruit wine! ^_^

Photo of Sean and I on the Taipan RideCollapse )
9:53am: Thanks to Penny7b
"Over the past week, tech-savvy citizens used the cybercafes to transmit pictures and video clips of the regime's clampdown taken on mobile phones and digital cameras.

"The Government began a crackdown on protesters last week, killing at least 13 people and injuring hundreds more, in a campaign that has also intensified pressure on media operating in the country."


"US energy giant Chevron, French oil group Total and China's top oil producer China National Petroleum Corporation are among companies giving much-needed income to Burma, defying activists' calls to pull out.

"'All these profits go to the regime. These companies don't care about human rights and what is going on in Yangon,' said Debbie Stothard, a coordinator of the Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma, a regional pro-democracy body.

"Burma's junta has been condemned worldwide for launching an offensive against protesters in its main city Rangoon, killing at least 13 people, including a Japanese journalist, and jailing hundreds more."


28th September 2007

10:23pm: I went to the movies with Sean, and had been looking forward to it.

Stardust was great! A fanastic movie - I haven't enjoyed a movie this much in a long time! It was great, and I think that everyone should see it!! It was sheer and utter brilliance!

Oh, and on the way down Hotham St, I started getting tail gated, so close that I couldn't see the guy's headlights, failing in his attempt to intimidate me. I just drove on as normal, ignoring him and chatting with Sean. This happened for a few blocks, then as we neared some lights he took the left lane, raced forward and yelled out the window (dunno what he said, we had the windows shut because it was cold, but he probably swore). And he screamed off up the road in his little car ...

...and turned into the 7-11 and parked.

That was when Sean and I burst out laughing.

Oh, and go and see Stardust. FANTASTIC movie!


21st September 2007

9:45am: Dream HomeCollapse )

19th September 2007

3:33pm: R.

18th September 2007

2:50pm: Great Cocktails...
Chilli, Chocolate Concubine

Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Crème de Cacao, Pear Puree, shaken into a wine glass, and topped with a Candied Chilli Foam and Chocolate shavings

Red Cheongsam

Bacardi 8yo Rum, Tanquery Export Strength Gin, Shiraz, Licor 43, Cinnamon and Juniper syrup, loads of fresh Mint leaves, crushed ice & Soda water


Sour Habitat

Hold onto your handbags ladies, this one is so good, it’s bad! (Like your last boyfriend). Frangelico, Licor 43 and Lemon, dusted with Cinnamon Sugar.


The most relaxing cocktail hangout:

Borsch, Vodka and Tears
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